What Is an Egress Window?

Get the facts from an egress window contractor servicing Bloomington, Richfield, MN, the Twin Cities and surrounding areas

An egress window is a window large enough to act as an emergency exit. The state's building code places very specific requirements on which rooms need these exits and what their dimensions are. MidWest Egress installs emergency exits in homes throughout Bloomington, Richfield, MN, the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. Ask an egress window contractor whether your home is up-to-code when you call 612-889-2763.

Keep your basement comfortable

We can also help you fix your basement's humidity problem. Unlike dehumidifiers, our basement waterproofing solution gets to the root of the issue. Many basements collect water under their foundation. An interior drain tile system will divert this moisture, keeping the area dry.

We offer basement waterproofing services in Bloomington, Richfield, MN, the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

How to build an egress window underground

If you own a home or commercial property with a basement, it needs an egress window. When you call us, a knowledgeable egress window contractor will...

  • Build a window well: This rounded wall creates a landing area so you can open the window and step outside.
  • Add a staircase: The window well includes a staircase, so you can reach ground level easily.
  • Install the window: Rest assured your egress window will meet Minnesota's building code regulations.



Before you start renting out a basement apartment, make sure it's up-to-code. Call MidWest Egress to ask about our competitive pricing.



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