There are a lot of options for egress windows and the price therefore varies. When you have an idea of what you want, click the button below to fill out our "Quick Quote" form.

Our "Standard Installation Package" starts somewhere around $2,000 - $3,000.

  • Vector casement window.
  • Maintenance-free exterior trim.
  • Standard galvanized corrugated steel area-well.
  • Corner mounted ladder.
  • Pea rock bottom.
  • ​Building Permit.
  • Dirt / Concrete hauled offsite.
  • Safety Cover / Dome Cover.
  • Interior Trim.

Chose your window:

TYPE: Casement or Glider.
​BRAND: Vector or Marvin.

Choose your area-well:

STANDARD: Galvanized corrugated steel
STONEWALL: Galvanized corrugated steel
WHITE: Galvanized corrugated steel
TIMBER BOX: Cedar-tone, ground contact, 4x4's. Ladder.
TIERED TIMBER: Cedar-tone, ground contact, 4x4's. Planter steps.
BLOCK: Choose from a range of options.

Things to consider:

Do you want dirt and concrete hauled off site?

We can haul everything off site or leave dirt and concrete on site.
If we leave dirt on site, we are happy to wheel dirt around to multiple spots on the property.
Common uses for dirt include: raising grade level around the house, filling low spots in your yard, disperse in the woods or make a pile for future use or a raised garden.

Do you want us to trim the interior side of the window or leave the interior "unfinished"?

After the framing inspection passes, the interior side of the window is ready to "finished".
We offer a few different options for trim to try and match the rest of your home as best as possible.
​example of "unfinished" interior.

Do you want a cover?
We offer two types of covers:

1. Safety cover:
Flat design. clear. reinforced to support over 300lbs. This cover requires the top of the area-well to be slightly above the top of the window.

2. Dome Cover:
Raised design (13"). Clear. This cover works best in situations where the top of the window will be above the top of the area-well.


We will schedule your installation for the week of a given Monday and reach out to you as we approach your installation week to pinpoint a day(s) that works for everyone. Please feel free to reach out to us any time to chat.


​An initial payment of at least 50% is much appreciated. If you choose a custom installation with a special order window or area-well, we will need an initial payment before we can place the order. Most special orders quote a 3-4 week wait time.
* If not, payment on the day of installation before we start is just fine.

The final payment is due after installation is complete. We accept check, cash, credit or paypal. You may also pay online, directly from your emailed invoice.
* Please note. If you choose to pay online, we pass the 3% fee on to you.



Please clear an area inside of at least 6x6 feet in front of the working area. Also, please make sure we have a clear path to and from the working area. If your space is finished or in use, we will set up a dust containment tent inside and cover furniture.
* If you are concerned about any items, it is best to either move them or cover them yourself before we arrive. Please ask us prior to installation day if you need a hand with any heavy lifting.


We will arrange to have public utilities marked before installation.* Please inform us of any private utilities we may encounter.
No need to remove any fencing for heavy machinery access. We hand dig most holes.
We will handle removing any bushes or plants. * If you wish to keep any plants, please have them moved before we arrive.
* Please do not clear any possible snow from the digging area.


Usually we start and finish standard installations in one day. However, sometimes we may split installations into two days for scheduling reasons.

Larger projects take more time.

It is not necessary for anyone to be home during installation. We do, however, need access inside the house.


After installation is complete but before any interior trim work can be done, the frame and the rest of the egress window needs to be inspected by the city.
We will schedule inspection. It takes only 5 minutes but someone will need to be home to let the inspector inside.
* Every building inspection requires inspectors to check smoke and co detectors. If you do not have the proper detectors, we will install them for an additional charge.


Our finish carpenter will reach out to you either before installation starts or immediately afterwards to discuss color options and to address any expectations. Ideally we try to schedule interior trim together with the inspection. ​